Regulation of The Society


Name of the Association and the Central


The short name of the Association: "Blue Marmara"

Headquarters of the association is in Istanbul.

The Association may open branches in the country and abroad

Purpose of the Association and the Association will continue to achieve that goal, and Formats Working with threads Scope

Purpose of the Association

Article 2- İt is against all kind of injustice and oppression no matter where in the earth. Combat all the policies that make people dependent on the material and spiritual help. Representing the common conscience of the world for each individual and corporate economic, legal, cultural, social solidarity within each area. Support all people who are victims of injustice, or natural disasters or War or occupations material and moral in all matter is. Aims to be judge by spreading feelings of solidarity brotherhood, compassion in all the world.

Subjects and Formats Working the association will continue.

  1. Set out for the beleaguered Palestinian people in Gaza, humanitarian aid to Gaza on 31 May 2010 Freedom Flotilla participants and Israel to ensure communication and cooperation among those who attack the ship Mavi Marmara,
  2. Organizes Domestic and foreign trips, nights, sporting, cultural, educational and fusion-purpose programs, camps, sports competitions, tournaments, entertainment and competitions, festivals, memorial days, exhibitions, picnics, visits, fairs, lotteries, festivals, concerts, protests, competitions, national and religious days and nights commemoration and celebration programs or participates in those regulated.
  3. promote Members of the association and the association for the purpose of operating any kind of service that everybody needs and will help promote the establishment of units and help in this regard. To make a more active and productive members of in-service training programs. Clubs, commissions, committees and working groups formed adjustment. These committees will be formed within the Association, committees, working groups of experts or consultants or in person or on the intermediacy of working with the purposes and will request an investigation and research.
  4. Organize enabling Activities for the development such as panel, courses, seminars, conferences and educational activities.
  5. Out any information that is required to achieve the purpose, documents and publications to ensure that, to create a documentation center, to publicize the activities for the purposes of newspapers, magazines, books, newsletters and informational publications such as the work to be distributed to its members.
  6. Provide a healthy working environment for the realization of the goal, all kinds of technical tools and equipment, inventory, supplies and stationery, to ensure.
  7. Provided that the necessary permits to be taken to achieve the objectives of any promotional and fundraising activities to sustain and to accept donations from domestic and abroad.
  8. Revenue will accept donations for the supply of goods and cash, the victim and the victim's flesh upon receiving the necessary permits under the Collection Act Help balls.
  9. Revenues needed to attain the objectives of the association to ensure regulation of economic, commercial and industrial builds and operates businesses. Shall employ the necessary personnel, as well as other institutions and foundations established by individuals and legal entities shall cooperate.
  10. Buy and sell needed of the activities of the association moved to the immovable property, lease, and rent and to establish real rights over real estate.
  11. To establish associations can establish the necessary facilities permit with permission ,or set up If deemed necessary to establish the foundation for accomplishing its purpose the federation or join a federation board.
  12. To operate International, or join foreign associations or organizations and cooperate with these organizations to work together on a project basis,
  13. Realize the purpose of the Association to perform a similar purpose associations, workers 'and employers' unions and professional organizations for their assistance and to contribute to the financial institutions mentioned,
  14. To achieve the purpose if it is deemed necessary , No. 5072 on Associations and Foundations Relations with Public Institutions Subject to the provisions of the Act, public institutions and organizations and carry out joint projects within their field of duty,
  15. To open branches and representative offices where considered necessary,
  16. To create a common platform to achieve a goal with other associations or foundations, trade unions and other civil society organizations.
  17. Sponsor the poor, needy, orphans, widows, orphans, street children, people of all ages up to the street, refugees, remained on the road and protection and assistance in kind and cash to make all kinds. That will contribute to this goal, sheltered housing, shelter house, a soup kitchen, slaughterhouse, nursery, guest house, temporary and permanent residential units, shops and other facilities set up for social purposes, this type of food establishments to operate and do all kinds of banking and financial assistance in kind.
  18. To make all kinds of material and spiritual needs. occurring in our country and other countries, flood, earthquake, fire, landslide, exposed to any type of disaster assistance to disaster victims. To make the storage activity for this purpose, to appoint teams in case of disaster and to prepare and make available the necessary material needed
  19. Build teams Natural Disaster and emergency situations such as war, the interests of society, non-purpose search, scan, recovery, repair, , such as. The teams training, and preparedness to help keep the organization to prepare all kinds of opportunities and conditions.
  20. To make grants those in need of food, clothing, cleaning materials, business building, fuel, rent, housing, housing, furniture and so forth.
  21. Related legislation, establish a dormitory, classrooms, library, courses, institutes, scientific research and development centers, study centers and education and training centers so on. Students in need at home and abroad, and moral and material assistance to those who make scientific studies in different countries, undergraduate, graduate and language training and who wish to contribute to the moral and material support to needy students,
  22. To work Education and training Within the framework of national and spiritual values​​,
  23. Within the relevant legislation establish the sports pitch, sports hall, residential centers, etc. camping out in places facility,
  24. Matters within the scope of work of the Association in all matters related activities to raise public awareness, to make scientific research, publish and deliver people's knowledge. If necessary, the relevant (universities, professional organizations, etc.). Other institutions and organizations to act in unison. Including particularly the United Nations, international and national aid agencies and institutions enter into cooperation with the projects to serve on the implementation, product procurement, transport and distribution of contributing to observe and report on all this work.
  25. The purpose and activities of the Association in writing, through visual and audio publications offers the public's attention. Appropriate programs in the media does the target audience, participate in programs. Printed, audio or video transmissions make or do. In addition, the Press will serve this purpose, feature films, TV films, advertising films, plays, cultural and artistic activities, such as make or do. Environment to carry out the purpose of studies, shall benefit from the Internet. Declaration on behalf of the association, giving declarations, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc.. makes similar publications.

Area of Activity

Associations carry out activity in culture, arts, environment, health, social, education and action in the field of human rights.

The right to join and Membership

Article 3 - which have the capacity to act and the association's objectives and who accepted to work in this direction by adopting the principles and conditions stipulated by the legislation of each natural or legal person who is entitled to become members of this association. However, foreign real persons must also have the right to settle in Turkey to become a member. Honorary membership is not required for this condition. President of the association's application for membership to be made in writing, within thirty days of the most accepted as a member association board of directors or rejection and the results are concluded with the applicant shall be notified in writing. Members have been accepted for this purpose will not be saved in book.

Regular members of the association, the association's founders and those who accepted the applications for membership on the board of directors.

Who have provided financial and moral support to the association in regard to the decision of the board of directors may be admitted as honorary members.

Tripled the number of branches of the association of those registered reaches the center of the association membership records are transferred to branch offices. New membership applications are the branches. Accepted for membership and the membership of boards of directors are made by deleting the branch operations and the Headquarters shall be notified in writing within thirty days.


Article 4-Each member shall notify, in writing, the association has the right to resign. When it reaches the output operations resulted in the member's resignation shall petition the board of directors. Of withdrawal, the member association will not end the accumulated debts.

Dismissal from Membership and dismissal

Article 5 A) Cases requiring dismissal from the membership of the Association.

  1. To act in violation of association rules,
  2. Continuously to avoid the duties assigned to,
  3. Membership fee is not paid in the last six months,
  4. Failure to comply with the decision taken by the bodies of the Association.
  5. Have lost the conditions of being a member,
  6. Not participate in the activities of the Association

If it is determined one of the situations listed above be removed from membership by a decision of the board of directors.

B) The Association retires

  1. The member's death,
  2. To resign,
  3. Inability to use civil rights,
  4. The legal obstacles arise or legal requirements for membership, the loss of membership,
  5. The Association membership fee is not paid within 30 days of written notification from or disqualified even though the member is deleted from the registry and cannot claim to assets of the association

Organs of the Association

Article 6-Association bodies are shown below.

  1. The General Assembly,
  2. The Board of Directors
  3. The Supervisory Board

The association of the general congress, assembly time, and Call and Meeting Procedure

Form of Organization

Article 7-The General Assembly of the association is the most authoritative decision-making body, registered members of the association, the number of branches in three reaches of the delegates elected by the members at the registered office of the branch occurs naturally delegates.

The General Assembly;

  1. The statute at the time of a certain routine,
  2. Management or supervisory board deems necessary or upon written request of one fifth of the members of the association within thirty days outstanding are collected.

The Ordinary General Assembly, three years, within the month of June, in day and hour determined by the board of directors meets.

Board of directors called a meeting of General Assembly.

The board of directors, general meeting to meeting, members of one magistrate upon application, shall appoint three members to call for general assembly meeting.

Meeting Procedure

The General Assembly of the absolute majority of the members entitled to participate in changes in regulation, and the two-thirds of cases of termination of the participation of the association meets the second meeting if a majority of majority is not due to lack of meeting is adjourned. However, the number of members attending this meeting, management and supervisory boards must not be less than twice the total number of members.

List of the members entitled to attend the general assembly shall be present at the meeting. Identity documents issued by governmental agencies will be the meeting place of members, board members or officers appointed by the board of directors is controlled. Members, by signing their names on the list issued by the board of directors enter the meeting place.

A quorum for a meeting will be recorded and provided case management meeting is opened by the chairman or a member of the board of directors appointed. Board of directors, a report in case of failure to hold a meeting arranged.

After the opening, enough to run the meeting chairman and deputy chairman of a council committee will be formed by selecting with the clerk.

Organs of the Association for the selection of voting, voting and attendance list to show the identity of the Presiding Committee members must sign their names.

Owned by management and ensuring the security of the meeting, the head of the sofa.

The general assembly, only the items included in the agenda shall be discussed. However, one-tenth of the members present shall be required from the agenda of issues to be discussed by the requested in writing.

General Assembly, each member has one vote, members must vote in person or by proxy to use. Honorary members may attend meetings but not vote in the General Assembly. In case of a member of the legal person, legal person or representation the person appointed chairman of the board vote. Members who have not paid their dues payments until you can not vote.

The issues discussed and decisions taken at the meeting shall be recorded in written and signed jointly by the chairman and secretaries. After the meeting, president of the board minutes and other documents are delivered. Protection of these documents and the newly elected chairman of the board of directors is responsible to deliver within seven days.

And Decision-Making Procedures and Forms of the General Assembly to vote

Article 8-The General Assembly, but the decision has not been retrieved, management and supervisory board members in elections by secret ballot shall be voted on while decisions on other issues. Secret votes, or ballot papers stamped by the chairman of the meeting by the members, after due and collected in a hollow container for the disposal of the votes cast by voting after the end of the open dump.

Open voting, is the method specified by the head of the General Assembly.

General Assembly resolutions are taken by an absolute majority of members attending the meeting. So far, the association's bylaws amendment and termination decisions, but it can be two-thirds majority of members attending the meeting.

Duties and Powers of the General Assembly

Article 9 -The following matters shall be decided by the General Assembly discussed.

  1. Selected organs of the Association,
  2. Changing the rules of association,
  3. Clearance of reports of committees and board of directors and auditors,
  4. Discussion and adoption or amendment of the budget prepared by the board of directors,
  5. Supervision of the other organs of the association of their dismissal and for good reason, and when necessary,
  6. Denial of membership or removal from membership on the board of the investigation and settlement of appeals made against decisions,
  7. The association needed to purchase or sell immovable property in respect of immovable property to authorize the board of directors,
  8. Regulations concerning the work of the association board of directors review and approval or amendment will be prepared,
  9. The association president and members of management and supervisory boards will be given to government officials of all kinds of wage payments, travel allowances and daily allowances and travel allowances to the members appointed for the services with the association to be paid
  10. Deciding to join the federation and the separation of the Association and to authorize the board of directors in this regard,
  11. Conclusion and this issue of the association board of directors authorizing the opening of branches,
  12. Presence of the international activities of the Association, or the separation of foreign associations and organizations to participate as a member,
  13. Establish the foundation of the Association,
  14. Dissolution of the Association,
  15. To consider and resolve the other proposals of the Board of Directors,
  16. The association's highest authority of the association as seen in other organs, and powers granted to use most of the work,
  17. To perform other duties specified in regulations made by the General Assembly,

Composition of the Board of Directors, Duties and Powers

Article 10 -Board of Directors as an alternate member of nine full members and nine elected by the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors at its first meeting after election, by secret voting, a decision of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and member will determine.

The Board of Directors, the meeting can be called at any time provided that notice of all members. Convene with the presence of one more than half of the total number of members. Decisions are taken by an absolute majority of members attending the meeting.

The actual membership of the board of directors to resign, or if for other reasons in the discharge of members of the General Assembly are passed by simple majority of votes it receives.

Duties and Powers of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors fulfills the following points.

  1. To represent the Association or one of its members on this issue or to authorize a third party,
  2. Income and expense accounts and make transactions on the General Assembly to offer to prepare the budget for the coming term,
  3. Prepare the regulations associated with the work of the Association to present to the approval of the General Assembly,
  4. With the powers granted by the General Assembly to purchase immovable property, movable and immovable property belonging to the association to sell, build a building or facility move, to make the lease, mortgage or real rights in favor of the move of association,
  5. Transactions relating to the powers granted by the General Assembly to ensure open new branches,
  6. Branches of the Association and for good reason, and when necessary to ensure control of their boards of directors to unseat the branch,
  7. Where necessary to ensure the opening of representative offices,
  8. Implement the decisions of the General Assembly,
  9. At the end of each year of operation with the association's operating account balance sheet and income statement or report to be issued describing the work of the board of directors, are summed to provide the General Assembly,
  10. Ensure the implementation of the budget,
  11. Member of the Association to decide on matters taken or expulsion from membership,
  12. To achieve the objective of the association under the authority of any kind of decision making and implementation,
  13. To perform other duties and exercise the powers given to him by the legislation,

Composition, Duties and Authorities of the Supervisory Board

Article 11- The Supervisory Board is elected by the general assembly as three principal and three substitute members. If there is a vacancy in the original membership of the supervisory board due to resignation or other reasons, it is obligatory to call the substitute members for duty according to the order of the majority of votes they received in the general assembly.

Duties and Powers of the Supervisory Board

supervisory board; It audits the association's activities in line with the purpose and scope of work stated in its charter, whether the books, accounts and records are kept in accordance with the legislation and the association's charter, in accordance with the principles and procedures determined in the association's charter, at intervals not exceeding one year, and reports the results of the audit. presents a report to the board of directors and to the general assembly when it convenes. The supervisory board calls the general assembly for a meeting when necessary.

Income Sources of the Association

Article 12- The income sources of the association are listed below.

  1. Membership fee: The board of directors is authorized to determine the entrance fee and monthly-annual dues from the members,
  2. Branch fee: 10% of the member fees collected by the branches to cover the general expenses of the association is sent to the headquarters once a year, at the end of the fiscal calendar year,
  3. Donations and aids made by real and legal persons voluntarily to the association,
  4. Income from activities such as tea and dinner meetings, excursions and entertainment, representation, concerts, sports competitions and conferences organized by the association,
  5. Income from the assets of the association,
  6. Donations and aids to be collected in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on aid collection,
  7. Earnings from commercial activities undertaken by the Association in order to provide the income it needs to realize its purpose,
  8. Other income.

Registration Procedure

Article 13- The books and records of the association are kept in accordance with the procedures and principles specified in the Associations Regulation.

Books to Keep

Article 14- The following books are kept in the Association.

a) The books to be kept on the basis of the operating account and the principles to be followed are as follows:

  1. Decision Book: The decisions of the board of directors are written in this book in order of date and number, and six of the decisions are signed by the members attending the meeting.
  2. Member Registry Book: Identity information, entry and exit dates of those who enter the association as a member are recorded in this book. The amount of entrance and annual dues paid by the members can be recorded in this book.
  3. Document Record Book: Incoming and outgoing documents are recorded in this book with date and sequence number. The original copies of incoming documents and outgoing documents are filed. Incoming or outgoing documents via e-mail are stored by printing.
  4. Fixed Inventory Book: The date and form of acquisition of the fixtures belonging to the Association, the places where they are used or given, and the deletion of those who have expired are recorded in this book.
  5. Business Account Book: Revenues received and expenses incurred on behalf of the association are clearly and regularly recorded in this book.
  6. Receipt Document Registry: Serial and sequence numbers of receipt documents, names, surnames and signatures of those who received and returned these documents, and the dates they received and returned are recorded in this book.

b) The books to be kept on the basis of the balance sheet and the principles to be followed are as follows:

  1. The books recorded in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th sub-clauses of subparagraph (a) are also kept in case of keeping books on the basis of balance sheet.
  2. Journal, General Ledger and Inventory Book: The method of keeping these books and the way of recording are made in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law and the Accounting System Implementation General Communiqués published pursuant to the authorization given by this Law to the Ministry of Finance.

Certification of Books

Article 15- The books that are obligatory to be kept in the association are certified by the provincial associations directorate or notary before starting to use them. The use of these books is continued until the pages are finished and the intermediate approval of the books is not done. However, it is obligatory to re-certify each year, in the last month preceding the year in which they will be used, for the books kept on the balance sheet basis and the form or continuous form sheets.

Income Statement and Balance Sheet Arrangement

Article 16- In case of keeping records on the basis of the operating account, the "Operation Account Table" (specified in ANNEX-16 of the Associations Regulation) is prepared at the end of the year (31 December). In the case of keeping books on the balance sheet basis, at the end of the year (31 December), the balance sheet and income statement are prepared based on the Accounting System Implementation General Communiqués published by the Ministry of Finance.

Receipt Documents

Article 17- The "Receipt Documents" (in the form and size shown in ANNEX-17 of the Associations Regulation) to be used in the collection of the Association's revenues are printed in the printing house with the decision of the board of directors. The relevant provisions of the Associations Regulation shall be followed in the issues related to the printing and control of the receipt documents, their receipt from the printing house, their recording in the book, handover between the old and new treasurers, and the use of these receipts by the person or persons who will collect income on behalf of the association and the delivery of the collected revenues. .

Licence of authorization

Article 18- The person or persons who will collect income on behalf of the Association shall be determined by the decision of the board of directors, including the term of authorization. The "Certificate of Authorization" containing the clear identity, signature and photographs of the persons who will collect income (an example of which is found in ANNEX-19 of the Associations Regulation) is prepared by the association in three copies and approved by the chairman of the association's board of directors. A copy of the Certificate is given to associations units. Changes regarding the authorization certificate are notified to the associations unit within fifteen days by the chairman of the board of directors. Persons who will collect income on behalf of the association can only start collecting income after a copy of the authorization documents issued in their name is given to the associations unit. The use, renewal, return and other issues of the authorization certificate shall be acted upon in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Associations Regulation.

Retention Period of Income and Expense Documents

Article 19- Except for the notebooks, receipts, expenditure documents and other documents used by the association are kept for 5 years in accordance with the number and date order in the books in which they are recorded, without prejudice to the periods specified in special laws.

Internal Audit of the Association

Article 20- Internal audit can be carried out by the general assembly, the board of directors or the supervisory board of the association, as well as independent audit firms can be audited. The fact that an audit has been carried out by the general assembly, the board of directors or independent audit firms does not remove the liability of the audit board. The audit of the association is carried out at least once a year by the supervisory board. The general assembly or the board of directors may conduct audits or have independent auditing firms perform audits when deemed necessary.

Borrowing Procedures of the Association

Article 21- In order to realize the purpose of the association and to carry out its activities, if needed, it may borrow with the decision of the board of directors. This borrowing can be done in the purchase of goods and services on credit or in cash. However, this borrowing cannot be made in amounts that cannot be covered by the income sources of the association and in a way that will make the association insolvent.

Establishment of the Branches of the Association

Article 22- The association may open branches in places deemed necessary by the decision of the general assembly. For this purpose, the founders' board of at least three persons authorized by the board of directors of the association submits the branch establishment notification and necessary documents specified in the Associations Regulation to the highest civilian authority of the place where the branch will be opened.

Duties and Authorities of Branches

Article 23-Branches are the internal organization of the association, which does not have legal personality, is responsible and authorized to carry out autonomous activities in line with the purpose and service subjects of the association, and is responsible for its receivables and debts arising from all its transactions.

Members of the Branches and Provisions Applicable to the Branches

Article 24- The members of the branch are the general assembly, the board of directors and the supervisory board. The General Assembly is composed of branches of registered members. The board of directors is elected by the branch general assembly as five principal and five substitute members, and the supervisory board as three principal and three substitute members. Duties and authorities of these bodies and other provisions regarding the association in this charter are also applied in the branch within the framework stipulated by the legislation.

Meeting Time of the General Assemblies of the Branches and How to Represent them in the General Assembly of the Headquarters

Article 25- Branches have to finish their general assembly meetings at least two months before the general assembly meeting of the head office. The ordinary general assembly of the branches convenes every 3 years in March, on the day, place and time to be determined by the branch board of directors. Branches are obliged to notify a copy of the general assembly result notification to the local authority and the headquarters of the association within thirty days following the date of the meeting. Branches are represented by optional and natural delegates at the general assembly of the headquarters. The chairmen of the boards of directors and supervisors of the branches, one (1) for every twenty (20) members registered in the branch, and if the number of remaining members is more than 10 or the total number of members is less than 20, the delegates to be elected are one among these members As an elective delegate, he/she has the right to participate in the general assembly of the headquarters, representing the branch. Delegates elected at the last branch general assembly attend the headquarters general assembly. Members of the headquarters' administrative and supervisory board attend the general meeting of the headquarters, but they cannot vote unless they are elected as a delegate on behalf of the branch. Those who are in charge of the management or supervisory board of the branches leave their duties in the branch when they are elected to the headquarters management or supervisory board.

Opening a Representation

Article 26- The association may open a representative office with the decision of the board of directors in order to carry out the activities of the association where it deems necessary. The address of the representative office is notified in writing to the local administrative authority by the person or persons appointed as the representative by the decision of the board of directors. Representatives may not be represented in the General Assembly. Branches cannot open representative offices.

How to Change the Charter

Article 27- Charter can be changed with the decision of the general assembly. 2/3 majority of the members who have the right to attend and vote in the general assembly is required in order to amend the bylaws. In case the meeting is postponed due to lack of majority, majority is not sought in the second meeting. However, the number of members attending this meeting cannot be less than twice the total number of members of the board of directors and supervisory board. The majority of the decisions required for the amendment of the bylaws is 2/3 of the votes of the members attending the meeting and having the right to vote. In the general assembly, the vote on the bylaw changes is made openly.

Dissolution of the Association and Liquidation of Assets

Article 28- The general assembly may decide to dissolve the association at any time. In order to discuss the termination issue at the general assembly, 2/3 majority of the members who have the right to attend and vote in the general assembly is required. In case the meeting is postponed due to lack of majority, majority is not sought in the second meeting. However, the number of members attending this meeting cannot be less than twice the total number of members of the board of directors and supervisory board. The majority of the decisions required for the termination decision to be taken is 2/3 of the votes of the members who attend the meeting and have the right to vote. Decision of termination voting is made openly in the General Assembly.

Liquidation Procedures

When the dissolution decision is made by the general assembly, the liquidation of the money, property and rights of the association is made by the liquidation board, which consists of the last board members. These transactions start from the date of the general assembly decision regarding the termination or when the automatic termination becomes final. During the liquidation period, the phrase "in liquidation" is used at the beginning of the association's name in all transactions. The liquidation board is in charge and authorized to complete the liquidation of the money, property and rights of the association from beginning to end in accordance with the legislation. This board first examines the accounts of the association. During the examination, the books, receipts, expenditure documents, land registry and bank records and other documents belonging to the association are determined and their assets and liabilities are recorded in a report. During the liquidation process, the creditors of the association are called and their assets, if any, are converted into cash and paid to the creditors. If the association is a creditor, the receivables are collected. After the collection of the receivables and the payment of the debts, all the remaining goods and rights in cash and in kind are transferred to the institution determined by the general assembly. If the institution to be transferred is not determined in the general assembly, all cash assets and rights of the association are transferred to Güngören Culture, Health, Environment and Service Foundation. All liquidation transactions are shown in the liquidation report and liquidation transactions are completed within three months, except for the additional periods given by the local authorities based on a justified reason. Following the completion of the liquidation and transfer procedures of the association's in-kind goods, cash goods and rights, the situation must be notified to the civil authority of the place where the headquarters of the association is located by a letter within seven days by the liquidation board, and the liquidation report must be attached to this letter. The last members of the board of directors, as the liquidation board, are responsible for keeping the books and documents of the association. This duty can be conferred to a board of member too. These books and records must be kept for five years.

Lack of Provisions

Article 29- The Associations Law, the Turkish Civil Code, the Associations Regulation issued with reference to these laws, and the provisions of other relevant legislation on associations are applied in matters not specified in this statute.



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