Hafiz School

Gaza Mavi Marmara Hafiz School is an educational institution that started its work in the Gaza Strip of Palestine in 2020. In this institution, Palestinian students receive free Hafiz training. Thus, raising the level of education of Palestinian youth and to obtain scientific achievements are provided.

This project aims to provide Quran memorization lessons for the youth living there within the body of Mavi Marmara Hafiz School in Gaza, Palestine. In this context, a total of 100 students will be taught annually.

Our Target

  1. Contributing to 2021 Palestine-Gaza Education and Training Studies
  2. Educating 100 children
  3. To ensure that children who cannot attend school due to financial difficulties continue their education life.
  4. To contribute to the family budget of poor families and families with many children by providing educational support.
  5. To facilitate the adaptation to social life through education by supporting children who have experienced war trauma.
  6. To make up for the deficiencies of the students who were not successful due to various deficiencies throughout the year.
  7. To raise generations who will build the Palestine of the future.
  8. Due to financial insufficiency; To prevent poor children, smart and genius children, war victims from leaving school.
  9. To stand by the noble Palestinian people without allowing war to plunge a society into chaos.
  10. To make the oppressed feel that they are on their side by choosing the most needy families
  11. To show that brotherhood knows no bounds.
  12. To report and share with the public the educational situation in the region.



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