Sharing is caring

This year, we will be a part of our brothers' holiday joys by carrying out our sacrifice activities in 9 countries with the call of "Sharing is Caring".

This year, we aim to reach the needy in 9 countries, especially in Turkey, with the call of “Sharing is Caring” this year.

With the humanitarian aid activities we have carried out since the date of our establishment, we will organize this year with the professionalism of 10 years and the trust given to our donors. Our association, which aims to reach more countries and people every year, will continue to deliver aid to oppressed geographies this Eid al-Adha.

Share price 750 TL

This year, the price of Qurban shares was determined over 4 different price categories. For the first region where Asian and African countries are located, 750 TL, for the second region where the Caucasus countries are located, 1.500 TL, for the third region where the Balkans, Syria and Turkey are located, 2.000 TL, for the fourth region where Palestine is located, the sacrifice share price is determined as 2.500 TL.

The philanthropists who want to donate their victims to our association with a power of attorney will be able to cut their victims and deliver them to the needy whenever they want from among the countries determined for sacrifice activities.

Where will the sacrifice be made?

The victim organization, which started with the call of "Sharing is Caring", will be held in 9 countries this year, including Turkey.

Africa; Niger, Tanzania, Chad,

Asia; Nepal

Middle East; Syria, Palestine (Gaza)

Europe; Macedonia

Caucasia; Azerbaijan

How can you donate your Qurban?

For Qurban share donation, you can do it online by coming to our headquarters, by hand, or by accessing the bank accounts on the our web page.

You can get detailed information from our association's line numbered 0533 277 09 74.



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