Aksa Heroes Children's Festival Introduces Children to Palestine

At the Aksa Heroes Children's Festival held at Istanbul's Şehzadebaşı Mosque, an entertaining and educational event was organized to instill awareness of Palestine in children.

Aksa Heroes Children's Festival Introduces Children to Palestine

The program, which received great interest from hundreds of children, was supported by the Mavi Marmara Association along with the Orphan Foundation, Umut Ol Association, Sefire-i Alem International Student Association, and the Solidarity Initiative with Palestinian Women.

The event featured various activities that captivated the children's attention, including Ottoman-style candy, face painting, storytelling, jewelry design, cotton candy, popcorn, street games, drawing, and painting. In addition to having fun, children had the opportunity to find answers to many questions they had about the issue of Palestine, raising their awareness of this important social topic.

In the festival area, stations named after cities in Palestine allowed children to learn about Palestine's cultural and historical heritage through different activities. Each station ensured that the children were both entertained and educated about Palestine. This meaningful day, filled with various games and activities, left lasting impressions about Palestine in the minds of the children.

Starting after the noon prayer and ending in the evening at Şehzadebaşı Mosque, our Aksa Heroes Children's Festival hosted colorful scenes, creating fun and educational memories for both children and their families.